Mauers Quick Swing

The Quickswing helps you develop a short, quick, compact swing.

Joe Swinging

Develop your All-Star swing, just like Joe Mauer.

Joe Mauer

Baseball hitting tools & drills from batting champion Joe Mauer.

Quickswing drills

Develop the quick swing you need to be the best hitter you can.

Baseball Hitting Aids

The Joe Mauer Quickswing & Baseball Trainers

The Mauer's Quickswing is the ultimate hitting trainer to improve your swing. View our Quickswing videos to learn more.

See the Quickswing in action
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We offer the best in baseball hitting and swing training aids, tools, drills and more.  From our signature Quickswing to other hitting aids, fielding trainers, nets, pitchbacks, pitching machines and training balls.


  • Quickswing PX4

    Quickswing PX4

    The Mauer's QuickSwing uses a unique delayed gravity-drop design to help batters develop greater bat speed, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and muscle memory.

  • Quickswing PX4 Combo w/ Net

    Quickswing PX4 Combo w/ Net

    The Quickswing Combo w/ Net is perfect for the player/coach who wants a complete, all-in-one hitting station. Choose from our different net styles. Great for indoor or outdoor use.