Hitting Aids

View our hitting aids, hitting trainers, swing trainers and more below to improve your baseball or softball hitting.

Note: Our Quickswings come with a black end dial and not a clear one.

  • Quickswing PX4

    The Mauer's QuickSwing uses a unique delayed gravity-drop design to help batters develop greater bat speed, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and muscle memory.

  • Quickswing PX4 Combo w/ Net

    The Quickswing Combo w/ Net is perfect for the player/coach who wants a complete, all-in-one hitting station. Choose from our different net styles. Great for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Power Stick Trainer

    The Power Stick overload training bat develops strength in batting-specific muscles, especially the shoulders, arms and hands.

  • Live Wire Training Bat

    A narrow training bat for live batting practice narrows your focus for live pitching.